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A picture proves to tell a thousand words and Saul Carrasco proves to use social media to share his unique fashion style, travel adventures and photography to his tens of thousands of followers. We spoke with the lifestyle influencer about how he became a blogger and his fashion style:



Tell us about how you got into blogging and writing?


I started my blog while working as the assistant to the Creative Director of a major men's magazine. While I originally started it as a creative outlet, it quickly grew into something much bigger than I had ever imagined.



How would you describe your personal style?


I'm originally from Texas so my style is pretty laid back and casual, but I always like to switch it up and try new things. Living in NYC for 7 years, there's so many different styles I was introduced to just walking throughout the city. I got a lot of my style influences and style risks from being in such a diverse city which has now transformed into what I like to now call, modern-urban style. 



Who are some of your favourite up-incoming designers?


Two of my favorite up-incoming menswear designers are Palmiers du Mal and Sunnei. Palmiers is a designer I discovered in New York City that's made up of a mix of tailored and casual-wear which fits my style perfectly. The pieces in their latest collection definitely upgraded my closet. Sunnei is an Italian brand that is definitely on the bold side which I love to dabble in when I'm feeling style confident. One of my favorites from them is their Calf Skin Sneakers that are color blocked.



Who are your go-to designers?


I love the laid back moods like Simon Miller, John Elliot, and Acne but when I really want to try something a bit more bold, all things Gucci, The Elder Statesman, and Tom Ford I love. I never have on specific style so I like to mix low and high-end pieces and rework it into my own vibe.



What's one fashion trend you refuse to follow?


There really isn't a style trend that I wouldn't at least try once. For me, I like to make a trend that I might not be in love with my own. 



Name your favourite timepiece?


I love being introduced to watch brands that have a wide range of style. From leather to metal link to rubber, a new favorite is Luminox who has a watch for just about any guys style! If you're looking for something on the more affordable side, MVMT is a classic go-to.



What is one item you couldn't live without?


Good denim. Finding a brand that fits to your style and shape can be hard but after many years of trial and error, Acne Studios is the one investment I make regularly to fill my denim arsenal.



How would you define true luxury?


For me, luxury is polished, beautiful, and a unique experience. For something to be luxury to me, it has to be like nothing else that I feel many get to wear, see, or do.



Who is your favourite artist and why?


Yayoi Kusama is one of my current favorite artists. Her paintings, installations, and sculptures are amazing to see but her background and story is what really caught my attention. Definitely, check out one of her many worldwide shows exhibited now!




You often travel, for work and leisure - what would be your favourite trip to date?


Out of all of my travels, both Thailand and New Zealand are at the very top of my favorite destinations. With so much history and a more than hospitable culture, there is no place in the world like Thailand. My suggestion - travel in the Northern region around Chiang-Mai to see the history and then head to the Southern region to Krabi to see the pristine beaches. As for New Zealand, rent a campervan and travel around the Southern island and you'll see why this country is consistently voted the #1 most beautiful country to see.



Where to next?


Next on my travel schedule is a tour of Italy. I've been wanting to see this country for the longest time so I'm spending an extended period and taking my time to see all of the cities I've fallen in love with by seeing images in magazines and Instagram for years. Insanely beautiful beaches, food, wine, and architecture is what I'm most anticipating to see!


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