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Tucked away in a bay of the Malolo Island Fiji, sits a truly unique resort offering elite travellers an authentic holistic travel experience unlike any other.


Located on 120 acres of lush beachfront, the Six Senses Fiji is proving to be the refreshing newcomer on the block which unlike most 5-star hotels in the region, is offering its well-travelled guests a unique and personalised experience with wellness at the forefront and an emphasis on authentic Fijian culture and its values.


The peaceful retreat features an artful mix of adventure, health, wellness, fine dining and luxury. With a range of private villas, which range from one-bedroom hideaway suites to palatial residences with 4-5 bedrooms, private cinemas, expansive kitchens, olympic sized swimming pools and private butlers, this truly special resort will not disappoint with a unique villa to suit families, couples and groups.


From arrival to departure, guests are immediately welcomed with open arms, a delightful song from the local band and a refreshing antibiotic or cocktail (to which you prefer), as you begin a tranquillizing journey that leaves you feeling apart of the raw and natural beauty of Fiji and the beautiful family-oriented culture that is still active today. Hotel staff become that of family, knowing each guest on a name-basis exuding a loving and caring attitude that no-doubt rubs off on its international guests.


Renowned for its spa-focus, all guests have the opportunity to experience a wellness screening where customized programs with mindfulness training, specially tailored menus for nutritional needs, and extensive spa treatments aid to rejuvenate guests during their stay and promote a healthy lifestyle. This health focus is further highlighted in the resort’s dedication to sustainability which sees farm-fresh vegetables grown on-site, as well as seasonal fruit, and organic local ingredients used on the menu at the resort’s restaurants, cafés and local pizzeria. Guests may also wish to experience the resorts cooking classes, available daily where the head chef (a local resident of Malolo Island) showcases traditional-style cooking featuring fresh local seafood and ingredients.


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