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Sneakerboy, the revolutionary sneaker superpower retailer has taken over George Street Sydney, just in time for Sydney’s re-opening.


Situated on George Street’s recently renovated pedestrianisation strip opposite the multi-story global flagships of Louis Vuitton, Apple and Dior, now sits prime and centre an important architectural building symbolising the immense global phenomenon that is the designer limited-edition sneaker. A dedicated installation/gallery space to present brand activations and sneakers from the Sneakerboy Archive collection sits at the front of the store. 96 of the most iconic Jordan 1, 3, 4, to 13s line the wall paying homage to sneaker heritage.


Evolving from previous store designs, the 62 x 36-foot façade is constructed with 5000 Italian made glass bricks with a blackened steel structure. While staying true to Sneakerboy DNA, red LED lighting commands the eye by showcasing 280 pairs of sneakers. Natural marble stone, leather trims, mahogany timber, polished concrete and polished stainless steel dress the interior.


To celebrate the launch and our newfound appreciation of the great outdoors Sneakerboy

partnered with French outdoor pacesetter Salomon on a gallery space with a monolithic display. Showcasing the world of Salomon, a story taking visitors through a chronological journey of mid 90s Salomon adverts and mountaineering milestones, 2000’s cross country adventure races to the present Salomon Advanced campaigns

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