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Sofia Al Asfoor is the epitome of the self-made woman. Her athletic and charismatic personality plays a large role in the culture of her brand, introducing her to the world as the New Generation of Luxury. Sofia is the representation of what the new luxury is; sophisticated, adventurous and smart. The young visionary shaped her business on an idea that took her charisma and years to perfect.

Her story began in Bahrain, where she was born and bread into a family of entrepreneurial triumph. From birth, Sofia was determined and had the ambition to create an empire of her own. Knowing the amount of hurdles and hard times that comes along with starting your own business did not demotivate her, in fact it did the opposite.


Sofia was the type of woman who sought out-of-the-ordinary passion, which never coincided with the stability and easiness that came along with joining the family business. To drive her soul, she found the strength within her to rebel against a life of un-interrupted prosperity, and struggled her way to self-earned accomplishment.

From learning about women’s fashion and textiles in Milan to completing her creative studies in London, Sofia developed an understanding of what it meant to be a designer. The extensive and tedious attention to details that came along with creating leather goods was not enough to shy her away from her vision. After four years of personal growth and education, Sofia began the entrepreneurial journey of creating a fantastic product built behind a strong brand. Together with a team of passionate artisans, a bag was born.  The Shield; a symbol of strength, worn by a woman on a mission to prosper.

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