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Resembling the modernity amongst the origins of humanity, the latest furniture and lighting collection by Interior Designer Studiojos, The Sphaira Series represented by design gallery FREE-MAN, is a contemporary reflection on ancient Greek architecture and the symbolic importance of a sphere, the ultimate status of imperial power within the ancient world.


Researching some of the great Ancient Greek monuments, my process saw me drawn to Ionic spherical domelike structures, curvaceous architectural elements merged with a casual lifestyle. Sphaira represents a timelessly elegant yet paired back way of living. Grounded by a rigour of simplicity and modest character the aesthetic of my studio, Studiojos merges a strong sense of scale, form and material with an eclectic and unique story, brought to life. Sphaira feels alike an ancient relic reborn for the contemporary, its artfully simple, yet solid in its foundation and highly detailed on second glance. It sits powerful yet understated in any setting, its presence is quiet yet important. – Joss Knight.

“Working for a number of years with Joss on an array of high-level design projects we have forged an incredible merging of the minds where his eye for fine architectural detail and my experience in the production, design and manufacturing of bespoke furniture and object came together to create something totally unique and unexpected.” – Jack Freeman.

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