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With a bold new range of exotic python skin accessories, Monaco based designer Stephanie Scolaro recently launched her latest venture offering likeminded jet setting youth bold new accessories for the Europe summer season.



What made you decide to develop a range of rare python accessories?


As a lover of luxury fashion products and baseball caps, I decided to combine both of these factors to deliver a unique statement product. I noticed a gap in the market and although there are several python caps available- I wanted to produce a high quality, luxury product targeted at a niche market. 



Describe the regular SS Python clientele


The regular SS Python client is mainly based in United States, Canada and Middle East. My clients are both female and male, generally between the ages 18-40. My typical client is very social, open minded, has a 'swag' style, enjoys walking the streets in kickbacks and listening to hip hop music. 


How would you describe your personal style?


My personal style is more laid back and casual. I live in my black ripped jeans, my Louboutin sneakers and my SS python cap. I believe a nice pair of designer shoes and a luxury hat can make any outfit. 


What are some items you can't live without?


I couldn't live without my iPhone as I keep all my social and work appointments there combined on one phone. My moisturizer and of course, my SS Python cap! 


Describe the perfect vacation?


The perfect vacation would be somewhere like Los Angeles or Dubai. The combination of both the beach and the city in one place. What more does one need? 


Where would you like to visit next?


I would love to visit Tokyo. The fashion and style of influencers there fascinates me. A fast paced, high population city with inspiration really interests me. 



What fashion trends are you currently inspired by?


I am inspired by cutting edge fashion. To name a few, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. 

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