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Meet Steven Sachs, the New York based photographer and filmmaker turning heads in the contemporary art scene.




With a unique style and aesthetic, Steven Sachs’ rich portfolio proves to blend seamlessly with his lifestyle as various vacations, outgoings, adventures and impromptu photo shoots has lead to him amassing an impressive collection savouring the fun of American Popular culture.


As Sachs continues to explore the boundaries of art, his impressive ability to capture any given moment is second to none. His subject matter including precious moments while holidaying around the world or the simplistic natural beauty of a model indulged in her comfort surroundings remaining raw and unblemished, proves to be both provocative and meaningful. Sachs intentions prove to leave powerful messages questioning both contemporary issues and fine art itself.  



What are you currently inspired by?


I try to find inspiration in everything that I see and everything that I do, so it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what affects my aesthetic. I will say that traveling is always an inspiring experience for me – it’s hard not to be artistically moved by new places and new people. 



What made you decide to pursue photography and filmmaking?


I have always been creative but it wasn’t really until I picked up a Canon-A1 film camera in middle school that I truly felt I had found my medium. From that point on, photography became more of a part of who I am rather than a specific pursuit. I have been lucky enough to grow up during a kind of photographic renaissance inspired by the emergence of the camera phone and social media. And, like many others, documentation has become an integral part of the way that I live my life.   

What have you recently been working on?


I am currently in the midst of curating a series of portraits that I hope to exhibit sometime during summer 2016 in NYC. I have also just finished redoing my website and have made some of my photographs available for purchase, which is very exciting for me as an artist.



What artists do you collect and follow?


I have far too many favorite artists to list, but I am constantly deriving inspiration from so many different sources. There are a few artists whose work has influenced and inspired my interest in film and photography in particular - Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson and Darren Arronofsky to name a few. And, more recently, I have been fascinated with artists like Harmony Korine, Steve McQueen and Tyler Shields, all of whom create work across several mediums – which is my ultimate goal as an artist.



Where is your all time favourite destination of all time?


Fortunately, I have been lucky to travel enough that this answer is constantly changing. I have recently fallen in love with Japan. I just returned from a trip there, and already I feel the need to go back and explore further. The Japanese have a way of doing everything beautifully, the whole country is a feast for the eyes.



Where to next?


Ultimately, I plan to move to Los Angeles at the end of the summer to explore film as a career. Hopefully, this summer I will be able to travel a bit around Europe but until then, follow me on Instagram to keep up with my adventures!



You live in New York City, what do you most like about the art scene and lifestyle?


My favorite thing about New York is that it is one of those rare cities that is constantly changing while also remaining, at its heart, the same. The city is a living entity, it has a pulse - there is always something to do, something to see, someone to meet. There is no other place like it in the entire world.


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