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With an edgy casual aesthetic and fashion style, New York based fashion blogger Jamal Jackson is setting trends in the big apple as his unique and cutting edge style has scored him major success with his blog Style Society Guy. We spoke with Jackson exclusively:


Describe a regular day?


1. Relax - 5am - meditation, check out work performance from the day before, review to do list. 


2. Recharge - 6am - Mediation + Coffee + Gym, mostly cardio to get the heart racing.


3. Early Morning - press previews, appointments with brands about new collections and new projects. 


4. Set up my social media for the day (what ill posting on Instagram and other social platforms)


5. Afternoon- Emails, which also takes up most of my day.


6. Evening - Events, working on blog posts, deadlines. Etc. 


What made you decide to become a fashion blogger?


I used to post OOTDs (outfits of the day) on Instagram in 2011 and I then began developing a backup page just in case Instagram crashed, and I started realizing people were visiting the site without me promoting it. After I saw a big stat increase, I decided to just create content and start writing more. I love the fact that I have the freedom to say what I want and I can communicate on a personal level with my readers. Since then I’ve ventured off into more lifestyle because we all have a life outside of 'What am I going to wear today?' Other topics include food, travel, interiors, design and architecture. 



What are you currently inspired by?


I also have this daily routine where I write a tiny message on a piece of paper about a goal I want to accomplish or something great that happened the day before. Anything positive. This really boosts not only my memory but keeps me motivated on how bright the future will be if I just speaks things into existence (obviously work at it too) But the notes go into this jar and I read them every once in a while to remind myself to stay on track. I recommend you all try it out and make it a habit it only takes 5 minutes and costs nothing. 



How would you define luxury?


Luxury is simply enjoying the top quality product, service, or experience. It’s great to spend $14K on a 'luxury watch' but if you can enjoy those little moments of winding it back up, cleaning it, and actually wearing it are you really nurturing it or you just purchased it because its luxury.



Where is your all-time favorite travel destination and why?


I just got back Honolulu 24 hours ago and running on about 4 hours of sleep. However, this was my absolute favorite trip. Why? It forced me to actually relax, pay attention to the beautiful local neighborhoods as opposed to resorts stays. It was very different to not have an itinerary and just go with the flow. 


I was a bit uptight about not actually planning an itinerary (Im super organized) but it turned out to the best part of the trip! 



Where to next?


Albania is really rich in culture. I appreciate that more than clothes, luxury cars ..etc. 

I would love to learn much more about the culture, food and music. There’s not enough Albanian culture here in New York.



Deciding to become an influencer/blogger means you take on several jobs not just writing a blog post and posting your OOTD. As with any small company 'all hands on deck'. It happens to be just my hand at the moment but I’m excited to start collaborating with different writers, photographers and creatives in general. 

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