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Leading Interior Designer Tamsin Johnson proves to have an eye for detail, creating curated luxury spaces which merge the fantastical with reality.  Merging a contemporary canvas with exotic antiques and objects of intrigue we spoke to Johnson about a recently completed project in Sydney.  

- Tell us about your process and idea development


I approach every project with fresh eyes and pursuit for both a layered interior with an element of restraint and refinement but also a layer of surprises. 



- What was the brief? 


A family home with a mix of contemporary and antique pieces that were functional, beautiful and would showcase their art collection and furniture in a family-friendly space. 



- How would you describe your unique design style and aesthetic? 


Contemporary, timeless, refined and elegant 



- How do fashion and travel influence your work? 


Greatly. My background was in fashion prior to interiors and I help my husband with his brand a lot as he does with my interior business so there is a great deal of cross over. We travel together for both of our jobs (much more Pre-Covid) so the exposure to both fields continues to inspire the other. 



- Who are your design idols/mentors? 


Georges Jeffrey, Madeliene Caistaing, Bunny Mellon and Jacques Grange. 


- What projects are you currently working on? 


We have lots on! I have two international hotel projects on hold, given we can't travel but I'm excited for them to return. One is in Marrakech so that’s a dream come true! Also doing a yacht project and a lot of residential work and my first book with Rizolli is launching in September 2021 so its busy times.



- If you weren't an interior designer what would you be?  


A Landscape architect



- During current Covid times, how have you adapted during changes times? (If at all) 


I've slowed down a great deal. Fewer meetings and travel has meant more design time and generally a slower pace of life which I've surprisingly loved. 

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