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The anticipated 2016 Polo cup season has officially begun; with its first tournament in late January taking shape in the snowy St Moritz.




The three-day tournament and high-class events saw four teams compete amongst the delight of 13,000 spectators capturing favorable weather on the St Moritz lake transforming it into the ultimate polo field, with the monumental backdrop of the snowcapped mountains. “We are delighted to have kicked off the Maserati Polo Tour with such a magnificent tournament” said Giulio Pastore, General Manager Maserati Europe: “There is something special about snow polo, that gives the thrill of the game an additional level of excitement, especially with such a unique atmosphere as here in St. Moritz”.


The glamorous event saw VIP personalities jet across the globe to witness the unique sport and social gathering. Enrico Roselli, CEO of Martina adding “It is always exciting for us to participate at the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz, since we were among the creators of the tournament over thirty years ago. To share such an experience with Maserati came naturally, given our similar backgrounds characterized by a burning passion for sports and excellent performances”.


Team Maserati beating Team Cartier in a thrilling finish 5 to 4 enjoyed sweet victory under Team Captain Rommy Gianni (Italy, Handicap +1) and his team, Luciano Vazquez (Spain, Handicap +2), Dario Musso (Argentina, Handicap +7) and Frankie Menendes (Argentina, Handicap +6).  Maserati offering owners and guests exclusive access to its range test driving on snow and ice, golfing tournaments, premium Polo viewing and invitations to the Maserati Polo Team’s annual Gala dinner topped off the end of the weeks festivities.


Following the Swiss inauguration the Maserati Team will move onto the Dubai Polo Cup from the 21st till the 25th of March.

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