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Proving to be the only hotel on Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon. This newly opened 5-star resort offers discerning travellers unprecedented access to one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders.


With 62 rooms the hotel complex is proving to be a game-changer with luxurious contemporary rooms featuring uninterrupted views of Icelands’ Blue Lagoon and sweeping landscapes. The suites on the lower level have private terraces facing the lava fields and surrounding waters. A few even offer direct access to the lagoon itself — so you can capture that ultimate selfie, away from the crowds.


Wellness proving to be a key focus of the hotel sees a slew of amenities: a steam room, in-water massages, a cold well, and a full-service restaurant serving sushi, shots of thyme and crowberry, and cold-pressed beetroot juice. Smoothies use skyr, a local yogurt, alongside almond, honey, and chia. Spa guests at the Retreat can participate in a Blue Lagoon Ritual, whereby guests enter a series of interconnected rooms and cover their bodies with healing silica, algae, and minerals. Beyond the lagoon, complimentary yoga classes are also available, as are guided hikes and Northern Lights viewing tours.


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