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The much anticipated release of the worlds most expensive residences Tour Odeon prove to achieve new levels of luxury and prices per square foot then ever before.




The tax haven of Monaco proves to be the worlds most elite and exclusive destination and preferable home of the Mega Wealthy. Offering the ultimate lifestyle, known for its high level of security and quality of life for international's from all stretches of the globe. The 560ft tower will be the second tallest building in the Mediterranean offering beyond 5 star hotel services to the discerning residents, including a health club, private chauffeur, room service, housekeeping, business center, valet, concierge and security around the clock.


The uber exclusive Tour Odeon address matched by an envied Monaco Residency not only allows owners tax free status but furthermore offers a world class calendar including the annual Formula One Grand Prix, Monte Carlo Arts and Jazz Festivals, The Rolex Tennis Masters and Yacht Show. Monaco is in fact the utopia of the super successful, where one may relish in their hard earned success without the stresses of modern-day crime, crowds and cultural spite.


The development proves to be one of the most glamorous and expensive to ever be conceived in the world. Developer Groupe Marzocco and Interior designer Alberto Pinto have together created a new height of distinction commanding around 450 million dollars for the 5-story penthouse featuring a private wet-edge swimming pool and 360-degree views of the French Riviera and Monaco’s borders to France and Italy. Such price surges have been largely to blame to by international investment from the Middle East, Russia and Europe seeing multi-millionaires and billionaires flock to the sovereign state.  

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