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Brussels-based gallery Xavier Hufkens has announced a new exhibition featuring the work of Tracey Emin. Titled “Detail of Love,” the exhibit will feature Emin’s work from two distinct phases of her work, with large-scale paintings and gauches featuring alongside new neon work.


The works on paper featured in the exhibition see Emin look at themes of unconditional love and the domestic world as a site of catharsis. Additionally, a number of canvas works in the exhibition feature frequent Emin motifs, with explorations of sex, desire and passion throughout. Throughout these works, Emin often features depictions of herself.


All of the work contained in the exhibition focuses on differing aspects of love, with references to the artist’s late mother and cat Docket presenting a different side to other pieces. The title of the exhibition reflects this, with Emin also saying, “All these tiny details and thousands more are details of love. It’s what makes us who we are.”


“Detail of Love” is due to open on October 30, and run until December 19, at both Xavier Hufkens sites in Brussels.

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