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A union of advanced skin health and barber services have just been reimagined via a new-age concept space in East Sydney, which seeks to offer a unique experience developed by industry professionals Costa Zacharia and Jessica Ross.


Merging a contemporary take on a classic barber with a new-age beauty space, UNOIT Sydney is offering a more relaxed and indulgent space for the modern inner-city dweller to get in touch with bespoke aesthetic services whilst undergoing a haircut. With confirmed results, a refined touch, personalisation, and luxury care, busy professionals are taking up the luxury of a being able to undergo maintenance for both their hair and beauty needs at one time in one place.  


Zacharia well-known for his years of experience working in leading high-end barbershops across the east coast, the salon’s products used are also not to be downplayed; UNOIT maintains a partnership with Australian brand Aspect, and also has a prominent display of products from men’s grooming brand Depot. “We wanted to re-invent the barber and beauty experience – combining expert style and attention to detail with a little extra pampering”, said Zacharia in a press release. “We are there for clients who want a regular spot for a quick tidy up, just as much as we are there for those who want to take their time or experiment with new styles, colour services, keratin smoothing and even shiatsu massage hair detox.” States Costa.


Jessica who runs the beauty arm of the business offers an advanced skin and laser clinic, ranging from laser hair removal, dermal masks, pigment reduction and ultra-former. “I wanted to create a space that was welcoming for both men and women as I believe sometimes specific needs of a man is different to a woman. To create a space that caters for both men and women was really important to me. I am incredibly passionate about my male and female clients receiving personalised educational advice during each visit. I instil honesty in my team when it comes to recommending what you truly need. I believe It is our duty to educate, inform and of course support our client’s personal choice when it comes to deciding the direction you wish to take with us. I strive to produce a truly bespoke style treatment on each visit our clients experience with us. I look to combine industry leading technology along with a sensory experience that allows you to relish every moment you are within our space. Our DNA is for you to experience our unique concept of clinical beauty and aesthetics meets ritual care and luxury comfort” states Ross.


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