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In the super-competitive industry of Private Aviation, only the most innovative and quality private jet charter companies prove to survive. Through which VistaJet proves to be leading the way offering state-of-the-art aircraft with long-reach global travel.


Owning the largest Bombardier Fleet in the world, Vistajet customers enjoy the luxury service for both corporate and private travel with reliable service each and every time able to meet short time frames with guaranteed availability.


Apart of this above and beyond level of service, Vistajet have curated a luxury spirits menu designed by award winning mixologist Simone Caporale, offering a bespoke cocktail collection. Simone, who helped raise the Artesian at London’s Langham Hotel to #1 on the 50 World’s Best Bars list four years in a row, reimagined the glamorous cocktails from the 1950’s, a golden age of aviation, with this curated collection for VistaJet. He remarked, “A cocktail at 41,000 feet really has to be the best cocktail ever.”


“From alcohol ‘clouds’ to molecular tricks, Simone Caporale is the finest mixologist in the world, so we are delighted to bring our clients the ultimate in-flight cocktail experience.” said Nina Flohr, VistaJet’s Creative Director. “Simone has developed new in-flight techniques for flavor-balancing and to enhance the travel experience. He has personally trained all of our hostesses to perfect each drink in the collection.”

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