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Launched by Christine Centenera – Vogue Australia’s Fashion Director and celebrity stylist most known for her influence on Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, has teamed up with fashion designer Josh Goot to create an innovative capsule fashion brand challenging the traditional retail experience.


Designed as a conceptual composite of luxury essentials the capsule collections are sold as a full wardrobe versus individual pieces, seeing its contemporary customers purchase a cohesively designed range of pieces for each seasonal wardrobe. Produced as exclusive limited editions Wardrobe NYC heralds a conscious and liberating model for the future of luxury fashion featuring a clean series of “looks” which can each be interchanged to suit the occasion and individual.


Thus far the brand has rolled out four looks including; Tailored, Sport, Street and Denim with prices ranging from $600 USD to $3,000 USD.


For more information and to shop the range go to:



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