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Known as Sydney’s premium landscape designer, William Dangar proves to offer the complete solution as seen within this impressive mansion in Vaucluse. We spoke with Dangar discussing this impressive project and his successful career thus far:

What made you decide to become a landscape designer?


I became a landscape designer by mistake. I met my wife who was a city girl. I was working on my family farm at the time and she said if it was to work with her, I had to move to the city. She got me a job as a landscape gardener and over 25 years I have developed this into a premium residential landscape consultancy firm. 



What was the brief?


The brief on this project was to create a garden that was tranquil and private that did not interrupt the magical harbour views. We also needed to integrate the swimming pool into the architecture and create a resort style garden that had tropical overtones similar to Singaporean style housing. 



What were you inspired by?


The site primarily inspired us to create a calm garden which allowed the view to be the dominant feature of the residence. I also drew inspiration from the work of Roberto Burle Marx whose landscape architecture combined graphic elements of built form with mass plantings. 



Where is your all-time favorite destination?


Barcelona and the work of Gaudi. 



How would you define luxury?


Weekends away without the distractions of telephone and emails.

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